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Premium Textile Wristband with plastic lock

We recommend this type of wristband for festivals, events and camps. It is extremely durable, washable, with wear-resistant inscription, therefore provides an excellent solution for longer events.  Many people wear it for years as souvenir, as a pleasant memory.

They are made of premium quality polyester satin material which provides soft and comfortable wear.

Due to the method of sublimation it can be customised also in full colour, even colour transition graphic elements, detailed logos, and images can be displayed on the wristbands.

On specific request they can be numbered and can be provided with a bar code as well.
Can be ordered with plastic RFID tag also!

Thanks to the plastic lock this wristband is easy to place on the wrist, and is not transferable.

Size of the wristband: 250 mm x 15 mm
Minimum order quantity: 50 pieces
The wristbands production time is  2-5 working days from the acceptance of the graphic design.

Main features of the wristband with plastic lock:
- easy to place on the wrist
- full color printing
- can be numbered
- waterproof


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